Babydoll Yorkies & Maltese Puppies

Each puppy is loved and cared for with every luxury. Our lines come from all over the world. We have the exquisite and rare Doll Face on a tiny puppy. We breed them as well as import them from trusted sources from relationships developed over 2 decades. These puppies are being sold as family members to bring love and light to the hearts of their families.

Bentley – $12,000

Available – Charting 3.5 lbs
Born: 6/22/23

This little boy is gorgeous and absolutely full of personality! He is extremely sweet. He is so smart! We can’t get enough of him and he adores children. His markings are incredible. When I took him to the vet for his checkup and shots he snuggled under my chin the whole time. He is going to bond very strongly with his person. He is not happy unless he is in your arms. He will do best with someone who wants to have a baby in their arms constantly. He is Vet Checked with a clean bill of health. Thank you.

Maserati – $15,000

Available – Charting 2.3 lbs
Born: 6/22/23 

Maserati is a very special little boy. He is so smart. His mom is 3.5 lbs and his dad is 3.5 lbs. There were 3 in the litter. He was kept for so long because of how incredibly tiny he is. People think he isn’t real when they see him. Someone thought I was holding a stuffed animal in my hands at my son’s football game. We are in love with this little boy. Most ladies want female pups, but I like to tell people, the girls will love you, but the boys fall in love with you. The boys are the best. Masi has a lot of love to give. We want him to go to a loving home. Thank you. He is vet-checked with a clean bill of health.

Charm – $15,000


Charm is the sweetest thing. She is so ridiculously smart and has a nice thick silk coat. I am in love with her “charming” face. Her eyes draw me in. She doesn’t go far and she’s very calm. She has beautiful markings. She is very tiny.

Rolly – $15,000


Baby Rolly is one of a kind. He has the deepest rich gold in his coat. He has a very regal look and stance to him. That is honestly the best way to explain his personality. He carries himself with utter confidence. He is a well-bred baby with the show personality to match his royal pedigree. This is a little man with will be a joy to have around for many years to come.

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