What is the extent of your experience?

I have been breeding for 15-plus years. I have been developing the same line from my original first Yorkie that ever owned me. I have fallen in love with a very specific look over the years, and have a passion for breeding tiny yorkies.

Can I see the Health Guarantee/ Purchase Agreement?

Absolutely, I have a great guarantee that covers hereditary and congenital defects. You can “Click Here” to see it.

Are you willing to do FaceTime?

100% yes. We do not photoshop any of our pics and we are happy to FaceTime you so you can see the personality of the puppy and answer any questions you have. Thank you!

What is the process to get a puppy?

I try to keep it simple. I am trying to sell these babies the second they are born. My goal is to raise them, watch them grow, observe personalities, and match the baby with the family. To do that I have to wait until they are older to sell them, and some of these babies are so tiny they can’t leave until they are 6 – 8 months old. You can start the process by filling out the “Puppy Application” which will let me know when you will be ready to get your puppy, what sex and color you are looking for, and most of all, the personality that you want in your companion. I will accept reservations once they are 8-12 weeks old and have been vet-checked.

Why are your puppies so expensive?

When you buy one of my puppies you are buying all the years of work that has gone into producing the puppies you see on my website. Years of making relationships in the case of the babies I import to be sold. To be able to breed these ultra-tiny babies, you must do double the work, with the litters being half the size. My program is about quality, not quantity. 

Are you a legitimate business?

Yes, I am a legitimate registered business in the Great State of Utah.

Do your puppies come with a Guarantee?

Every puppy comes with a 1 year, congenital and hereditary health guarantee.

How do you accept payment?

I accept wire transfers or Zelle to my business bank account. I can also accept credit cards. I do not accept cashier’s checks, personal checks, or PayPal. Thank you.

Aren't these tiny puppies unhealthy?

My experience has taught me that being tiny can be a genetic trait just like eye color, or it can be a symptom from a serious health issue. For example, Yorkies can have liver shunts or hydrocephalus, the main symptom of these disease’s are stunted growth. We expect tiny puppies because its a trait bred into the line. I do health testing and watch for secondary symptoms. These symptoms would be recurring hypoglycemic episodes, delayed learning, neurological symptoms, and extended periods of zero growth. Unfortunately, we have many breeders who get into this trying to breed tiny pups and pick a sickly pup for breeding not knowing they have health issues causing them to have stunted growth. We are happy to supply a liver shunt- bile acid test prior to sale. And an X-ray of the cranium to show that there is no “water on the brain” AKA Hydrocephalus. This is another reason why my clients come to me.

What are my deliver options?

I have worked for many years selling puppies across the United States. I have a lap nanny that I highly recommend for you to work with. You can also pay him in cash in person. He leaves Salt Lake City International Airport and comes to your nearest airport on the weekends. Scott and his wife have worked with me for many years and are a trusted reliable source for me to safely send my babies to their new homes. You can also, just simply fly into Salt Lake City International Airport, or you can fly into Heber City, Airport. The runway is 6,900 feet and plenty big enough to accommodate private jets for take-off. We have clients that fly into Heber City to enjoy the beautiful Midway Swiss Days , 

the incredible mountainscape here in Heber City, Utah.

We are 15 minutes from the new Luxury Ski Resort Mayflower Mountain, and the new Tiger Woods Golf Course by Jordanelle Reservoir.

Park City is only 30 minutes away with endless outdoor activities no matter the time of year. The Alpine Slide is an experience you will never forget! So come enjoy yourself in out beautiful mountains and pick up a world class puppy.